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The Personal Branding Toolkit

Promoting yourself clearly, positively, and authentically is the key to success. Building and maintaining your personal brand to change how you present in the world - and how to transform your career, business & life.

Your passion. Your story. Your brand. Invest in yourself because your skills and expertise are your brand equity.

Personal achievement and professional success trainingA
personal branding- training to differentiation yourself
Professional Success training and workshops

Break Through the Noise

Personal branding begins with understanding, with confidence what you have to offer. Your personal brand is as valuable as you are able to present consistently to the world, from a strengths perspective.

You, as a brand, can be true to yourself, so that others may have an authentic image of you who are. We offer spaces to help you ensure that you control how you show up in all of your brilliance - all or most of the time.


Online and in-person class in your conference room or ours; or a training venue near you.


Live, interactive workshops with concrete, action-oriented purpose.


Social learning, collaboration, knowledge, experience, and expertise sharing.

Course Catalog  (click + for courses)

Personal Mastery

  1. Adult Learning - Mental Skills
  2. Adult Learning - Physical Skills
  3. Anger Management
  4. Attention Management
  5. Being A Likeable Boss
  6. Critical Thinking
  7. Emotional Intelligence
  8. Emotional Intelligence at Work
  9. Goal Setting and Getting Things Done
  10. Improving Mindfulness
  11. Improving Self-Awareness
  12. Increasing Your Happiness
  13. Job Search Skills
  14. Life Coaching Essentials
  15. Managing Personal Finances
  16. Managing Workplace Anxiety
  17. Personal Productivity
  18. Public Speaking
  19. Social Intelligence
  20. Social Learning
  21. Stress Management
  22. Taking Initiative
  23. Trust Building and Resilience
  24. Work-Life Balance

Professional Development

  1. 10 Soft Skills You Need
  2. Assertiveness and Self-Confidence
  3. Communication Strategies
  4. Creative Problem Solving
  5. Creativity: Thinking Outside the Box
  6. Developing Creativity
  7. Digital Citizenship
  8. Entrepreneurship
  9. Interpersonal Skills
  10. mLearning Essentials
  11. Negotiation Skills
  12. Personal Branding
  13. Project Management
  14. Telework And Telecommuting
  15. The Cloud and Business
  16. Time Management
  17. Women in Leadership

Managers & Supervisors

  1. Budgets And Financial Reports
  2. Coaching And Mentoring
  3. Conducting Annual Employee Reviews
  4. Developing New Managers
  5. Employee Motivation
  6. Facilitation Skills
  7. Knowledge Management
  8. Leadership And Influence
  9. Lean Process And Six Sigma
  10. Manager Management
  11. Middle Manager
  12. Office Politics For Managers
  13. Performance Management
  14. Self-Leadership
  15. Supervising Others
  16. Team Building Through Chemistry
  17. Virtual Team Building And Management

Human Resources

  1. Business Succession Planning
  2. Contract Management
  3. Crisis Management
  4. Developing a Lunch and Learn
  5. Diversity and Inclusion
  6. Employee Onboarding
  7. Employee Recruitment
  8. Employee Termination Processes
  9. Generation Gaps
  10. Health and Wellness at Work
  11. Hiring Strategies
  12. Human Resource Management
  13. Managing Workplace Harassment
  14. Measuring Results From Training
  15. Millennial Onboarding
  16. Office Health and Safety
  17. Sensitivity Training
  18. Talent Management
  19. Train-The-Trainer
  20. Unconscious Bias
  21. Universal Safety Practices
  22. Workplace Bullying
  23. Workplace Diversity
  24. Workplace Harassment
  25. Workplace Violence

Workplace Essentials

  1. Appreciative Inquiry
  2. Business Acumen
  3. Business Ethics
  4. Business Etiquette
  5. Change Management
  6. Civility In The Workplace
  7. Conflict Resolution
  8. Customer Service
  9. Customer Support
  10. Cyber Security
  11. Delivering Constructive Criticism
  12. Developing Corporate Behavior
  13. Handling a Difficult Customer
  14. Networking Outside the Company
  15. Networking Within the Company
  16. Respect in the Workplace
  17. Responsibility in the Workplace
  18. Risk Assessment and Management
  19. Safety In The Workplace
  20. Team Building For Managers
  21. Teamwork And Team Building

Sales & Marketing

  1. Body Language Basics
  2. Call Center Training
  3. Coaching Salespeople
  4. Contact Center Training
  5. Creating a Great Webinar
  6. Employee Recognition
  7. Event Planning
  8. High Performance Teams Inside the Company
  9. High Performance Teams Remote Workforce
  10. In Person Sales
  11. Internet Marketing Fundamentals
  12. Marketing Basics
  13. Media And Public Relations
  14. Motivating Your Sales Team
  15. Multi-Level Marketing
  16. Overcoming Sales Objections
  17. Presentation Skills
  18. Proposal Writing
  19. Prospecting and Lead Generation
  20. Sales Fundamentals
  21. Servant Leadership
  22. Social Media Marketing
  23. Telephone Etiquette
  24. Top 10 Sales Secrets
  25. Trade Show Staff Training

We offer workshop resources..

What Makes Our Courses So Great

Training Manual

A corresponding workbook to outline and streamline the course, to help you quickly access the information you need.

Varied Delivery

Creative activities and exercises are built into the course to help you interact with the content and deepen the learning.

Blended Learning

Live webinars, video series, email and SMS (text) support, podcast, quizzes, tests and journals to help document your journey.

Community Support

Access to a private members area to connect, mastermind, and network with others in the field or studying the same course.

Are You Ready to Invest in Your Personal Brand?

"YES! I'm Ready to Get Out Front & Take the Lead." "I do want explore ways to represent the heart and soul of my personal best."

If you are ready to take your personal brand to the next level, keep reading!


Clarify, "what I'm doing, why I'm doing it and what's in it for me?"


Establish my brand values, purpose, vision and goals in everything that I do.


Be true to the intrinsic bigger ideals that shape how I view & move about the world.


I work to increase my competitive advantages and points of difference to lead.


Improve my understanding of my awareness, attitudes and choices, and behaviors.


Create experiences with others that lend to cooperation & collaboration.

What Are the Benefits of Personal Brand Training & Development?

Our personal branding is rooted in maximizing soft skills. Soft Skills are the non-technical skills that propel you to personal achievement and professional success. Critical soft-skills like how to manage time and stress open up the possibilities for success. Investing in managerial and leadership training gives you the tools needed to implement your vision and goals. Sales training, negotiation skills, and customer services workshops may help you to  actively participate in reaching financial goals.

personal development training with ACI branding

Is Industry Influencer Soft-Skills Training right for you?

Founder? Business Owner? Brand Leader?

If you are responsible building a brand, it is important to lead with core values, personality, skills, and strengths. What would it be like for you to have brand ambassadors who embodied your organization's vision and mission?

Bold Self-Love =

personal achievement

professional success

 joyful fulfilled life

A New Way to Think About Personal Branding

shine in your brilliance

It's Your Brand. It's Your Life.

Get out front, take the lead with brave, bold, brilliant, self-confidence.
Soft skills training is important to success because it prepares you to help you find, attract, and obtain success.

Professional development has positive influences on your brand, as it prepares you to implement your vision/mission/goals...with excellence, in order for you to live a life of joy and fulfillment.

What happens when you develop a development plan:

Problem solve, delegate, inspire and implement change
Effectively and efficiently use technical skills and knowledge
Limit interpersonal issues, infighting, and poor public perceptions

If you are ready to break the cycle of limited opportunities and few options, please click the button below so we can craft a plan for your personal achievement, professional success, and mindful living.

Personal Branding

The Strategy

With your core values, principles, and expertise at the center, you are aligned to create mutually-beneficial relationships that work for your highest good.
When you are well-trained, prepared, and fulfilled at work, you will perform better.
A confident personal brand is better positioned to attract, connect, and serve with excellence.
Lean in to exploring your personality, your strengths and skills to increase your brand equity.

First impressions are critical in personal branding. How you speak, write, and show up in the world will either negatively, or positively impact your professional goals.

Industry Influencer coffee shop owner branding

Body language, mannerisms, how you look and sound all contribute to how you are perceived by others. Understanding your assets and how to present them well is a game-changer.

Professional Development

The Attraction

Investing in training and development builds trust and increases your value in the marketplace.
Setting a standard that makes promoting yourself  clearly and powerfully unique, in both noticeable and tangible ways; in order to get out front, and in the lead.
People with emotional intelligence are energized to listen, learn and make good decisions for both themselves & their career.

Personal Mastery

The Connection

Personal brands build confidence and credibility as they achieve the needed training and support.
When you consistently exemplify a set of traits and values that speak to other's need and desire...a winning image for your personal brand is earned.
Confident people will attract & engage decision-makers in positive and meaningful ways in order to get their needs met.
Your brand is most successful when you have the tools for efficiency, productivity and success.
Industry influencer brand management

It is critical to your success that you learn how to differentiate yourself from others. Learning how to stand out in the crowd will help you define a well-valued lane, that belongs to you.

If you are an administrative assistant, we have several courses that can help to further you career. If you have an admin that needs a little more support, we have training available.

Administrative Skills


The administrative staff are the heart-and-soul of any business. They are usually to go-to people that staff and clients seek out for help and to answer questions.
When brand leaders are in need of a gatekeeper who can both process a variety of problems, and solve them using critical thinking skills, they rely on the administrative assistants.
The administrative team are able to plan and schedule important tasks in advance. They manage schedules and develop office systems.

Workplace Essentials

The Touch-Points

Everyone in your presence must see a perfect reflection of your values, mission, purpose and goals in order to solidify your brand image.
At every turn, your actions & words must mirror your brand message with good communication - writing, speaking, and listening.
Create brand equity by performing tasks with proficiency with an understanding of how you interact and partner with others in the workplace.
small business leaders

Emotional intelligence and good listening skills are essential to creating cooperation and collaboration at work.

Industry Influencer brand management identity

If you are a human resource professional, we have several courses that can help to further you career. We also have you covered if you need to help your HR professional become more skilled. HR practitioners are the key to hiring personal brands who resonate with your organization's values, mission and goals.

Human Resources

The Image

Loyal customers believe and trust that your offer has the right characteristics with the quality that meets their expectations because your Human Resources manager ensures quality hires.
Employee loyalty is achieved when you invest in HR prioritizes the office/store experience.
Brand equity is achieved with high value hires by a HR practitioner who implement the following priorities: strategic management, wages and salaries, analyzing benefits, safety and risk management; employee satisfaction, recruitment and onboarding, training and development, and maintaining compliance.

Supervisors & Managers

Purposeful Leadership

Well trained supervisors ensure every employee touch-point is a perfect reflection of the organization's values, mission, purpose and goals.
Help new leaders understand the initial skills and responsibilities that go with first line management responsibility. Craft a plan to elevate your career.
First line leaders succeed when they understand their own management style.
Good supervisors understand the importance of good communication, & leading from within.

Investing in your personal achievement will undoubtedly create a lane for professional success; and increased value.

Industry Influencer brand management identity

As an experienced or new leader, it is an objective to be more visible, memorable, and influential - for all the right reasons.



Leadership training prepares good leaders to be their best selves in order to bring out the best in others.
Inspiring and motivating a team to work as a cohesive unit rooted in the brand's goals takes effective leadership training.
A well-trained leader is organized and keeps the team on track, focused, and productive.
Leaders that are confident create an environment for employees to be creative, and submit new ideas.

Business Planning

The Touch-Points

A business plan helps brand leaders direct business decisions to achieve growth and development goals.
Investing in business planning will help founders set, guide, and reach business milestones.
Business planning will help small business owners estimate startup costs, and how much you will need to to maintain daily operations and growth.
Already established brands use business plans to examine its' technical, economic, and financial strength. Operating from a strengths perspective helps brands stay on pace to achieve desired success.

If you are an emerging business owner or one that is already in business, it would be worth the investment to have a business plan help navigate those 3:00 am BIG ideas into a viable plan of action.

Industry Influencer brand management identity

Brand leaders use sales planning to help forecast a battle plan and set benchmarks. The marketing plan expresses how your brand solves problems, or otherwise met your customer's need. It also includes the strategies and tactics used position your brand as the obvious choice for those customers.

Sales & Marketing


Holistic branding creates a customer experience that will attract your Ideal Buyer.
Social selling helps customers get to know your brand in deep and more meaningful ways.
Smart marketing begins with positioning your product as the obvious choice.
Training helps teams master the ways to maintain image and reputation in order to build happy relationships with customers.
NOTE: A sales plan includes a set of strategies designed to help sales people achieve financial goals.
NOTE: A marketing plan identifies the target market and how to get them to say yes to the offer.


What Makes Our Training So Great

We help personal (and business owners) brands explore options, discover possibilities, and gain the confidence to shine in their brilliance. Personal brands collectively make the business brand flourish.


Speaking well, conveying clear messages with active listening.

Time Management

Increase better productivity while maintaining work-life balance.

Critical Thinking

Thinking critically is the willingness to analyze facts for sound judgment.

Emotional Intelligence

Self-awareness helps with healthy relationships in the workplace.


Achieving mutually-beneficial agreements increase productivity.


A role that promotes positive relationships to increase brand equity.

Business problems are often personal problems in disguise. Investing in training helps everyone involved in the brand work toward personal achievement and professional success; for the highest good of all concerned. A winning recipe for success.

Think Industry Influencer

Successful Brands Illuminate Excellence

Training and workshops for individuals, (and brands) who choose to invest in their brilliance.

Administrative Support
Adult Learning: Mental Skills
Adult Learning: Physical Skills
Anger Management
Appreciative Inquiry
Assertiveness & Self-Confidence
Attention Management
Being a Likeable Boss
Body Language Basics
Budgets & Finance Reports
Business Acumen
Business Ethics
Business Etiquette
Business Succession Planning
Business Management
Business Leadership
Business Planning
Call Center Training
Change Management
Civility in the Workplace
Coaching & Mentoring
Coaching Salespeople
Communication Strategies
Conducting Annual Employee Reviews
Conflict Resolution
Contact Center Training
Contract Management
Creating a Great Webinar
Creative Problem Solving
Creativity: Thinking Outside the Box
Crisis Management
Critical Thinking
Customer Service
Customer Support
Cyber Security
Delivering Constructive Criticism
Developing a Launch & Learn
Developing Corporate Behavior
Developing Creativity
ACI Brand Me personal and professional training with Andrea Callahan
Developing New Managers
Digital Citizenship
Diversity & Inclusion
Emotional Intelligence
Emotional Intelligence at Work
Employee Motivation
Employee Onboarding
Employee Recognition
Employee Recruitment
Employee Termination Process
Event Planning
Facilitation Skills
Generation Gaps
Goal Setting & Getting Things Done
Handling a Difficult Customer
Health & Wellness at Work
High Performance Teams Inside the Company
High Performance teams Remote Workforce
Hiring Strategies
Human Resource Management
Improving Mindfulness
Improving Self-Awareness
In-Person Sales
Increasing Your Happiness
Internet Marketing Fundamentals
Interpersonal Skills
Job Search Skills
Knowledge Management
Leadership & Influence
Lean Process & Six Sigma
Life Coaching Essentials
Manager Management
Managing Personal Finances
Managing Workplace Anxiety
Managing Workplace Harassment
Marketing Basics
Measuring Results from Training
Media & Public Relations
Meeting Management
Middle Manager
Millennial Onboarding
soft skills training and development
mLearning Essentials
Motivating Your Sales Team
Multi-Level Marketing
Negotiation Skills
Networking Outside the Company
Networking Within the Company
Office Health & Safety
Office Politics for Managers
Overcoming Sales Objections
Performance Management
Personal Branding
Personal Productivity
Presentation Skills
Project Management
Proposal Writing
Prospecting & Lead Generation
Public Speaking
Respect in the Workplace
Responsibility in the Workplace
Risk Assessment & Management
Safety in the Workplace
Sales Fundamentals
Sensitivity Training
Servant Leadership
Social Intelligence
Social Learning
Social Media Marketing
Stress Management
Supervising Others
Taking Initiative
Talent Management
Team Building for Managers
Team Building Through Chemistry
Teamwork & Team Building
Telephone Etiquette
Telework & Telecommuniting
Ten Soft Skills You Need
The Cloud & Business
Time Management
Top 10 Sales Secrets
Trade Show Staff Training
Trust Building & Resilience
Unconscious Bias
Universal Safety Practices
Virtual Team Building & Management
Women in Leadership
Work-Life Balance
Workplace Bullying
Workplace Diversity
Workplace Harassment
Workplace Violence
stand out in the crowd personal develoopment training

How Would Personal Branding Training Transform Your Value, Image, and Confidence?

It's decision time. Ask yourself if you answer the following questions with confidence and clarity...

Am I clear about my values & my life's mission?

What Industry Influencers must achieve in their business

Yes or NO?

Do I understand my strengths  & weaknesses?

What Industry Influencers must achieve in their business

yes or no?

Do I know my personality traits and understand how they impact my brand?

What Industry Influencers must achieve in their business


How does my identity relate to my image, and do they both work for my highest good?

What Industry Influencers must achieve in their business


What is my unique selling point?

What Industry Influencers must achieve in their business


Do I have a personal brand statement?

What Industry Influencers must achieve in their business


About Your Trainer

Personal branding is about understanding what you have to offer and presenting that authenticity & consistency, all the time. Learn how to stand out from the crowd with your unique selling points that become valuable in the workplace, in business, and in your life.

My 125+ catalog of training will help you gain knowledge, maximize expertise, and increase the confidence you need to thrive. I have dedicated my career to mentoring, training & being a change agent. Want to learn more about me? Click here for more details.

Andrea Callahan, author, speaker, trainer, small business owner and sister.





ACIBrand.Me workshops and training

Holistic Branding: Soft Skills for Personal Growth & Business Success

Today's affirmations. I will invest in....

Optimum workplace productivity that depends on everyone performing at their best.
An environment of cooperation and collaboration so each individual may stand in their brilliance.
Increasing brand equity, by investing in the personal brands who share their talent and expertise.
Meeting realistically defined and prioritized business goals, by giving employees the tools they need to succeed.


soft-skills training

Our Events include a wide range of relevant topics. Diverse, we offer rich, and purposeful learning for personal achievement & professional success for both Personal brands, and business owners who want to build success teams.

Got Questions? Here's Answers...

Do you offer training for different types of learners

Our intention is to find the right balance of diverse and compelling lessons through thoughtful visuals and creative graphics. Ultimately, our goal is providing consistent quality of each course, student materials, and exams.

Is this Corporate Training?

Our trainings are created specifically for individuals who are striving for personal achievement and professional success. If those personal brands happen to work within a corporate structure, then the answer is yes!

How long does it take to get started?

As soon as you complete the form, you will automatically receive a questionnaire that helps our team get to know your brand. Set aside about 15-minutes or so to complete. Once you submit the form, you will be directed to a scheduling page to meet with a brand manager who will help you create a training plan. Short answer...right away!

Can I take the training online or in person?

Either or both. It's your plan, your schedule, your choice.

It's been a long time since I've been in school, will this be hard?

At the ACI agency, we focus on adult learners. We often work with dreamers who are launching brands but may not have the soft-skills to implement the plan to achieve their goals. We understand, business owners hire adults with varied backgrounds and experiences so we custom-tailor training plans to meet people where they are and from a strengths perspective. We lend support as much or as little as needed.

What's the difference between employee training and development?

Good question! Training and development are two sides of the same coin.

Employee development is the overall process an employer provides to employees to help them gradually improve skills, acquire new knowledge, and progress in their careers.

Employee training is a program designed to develop and improve technical and soft skills and overall knowledge to do a specific job in a more efficient, successful, or safer manner.

Our employee development plan is like the architect while the employee training is like the contractor that implements the plan.

In keeping with that same analogy,

An architect will design a building and, with input from the client, decide what the overall building will look like when it is done: How many stories will it be? Will it have a foyer? Where will the stairs be? Will there be columns facing the street?

A contractor, on the other hand, is much more interested in the concrete details: What supports are needed under the flooring? What bolts are needed to secure the stairs? When do we mix the concrete for the columns? How do we guarantee that the building is built to code?

Development, then, is working with your employees to be an architect for their careers. Training provides the “concrete details” in the form of skills and knowledge needed to support each step.

I'm not sure about which brand plan

What? How? Still Not Sure?

Before you decide, let us get you some additional information from an ACI brand champion. As you're making decisions for your short- and long-term goals, let us help you prepare for success. Our team is dedicated to supporting you in getting the training, knowledge and strategies needed for personal achievement and professional success.  Click here to get started!

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